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Steel ropes


- are the main constructural element of lifting, transport, earthmoving machinery and mechanisms. This product made of wire contains a large number of types, constructions. Steel ropes have the differences in the shape of cross section, wire mechanical characteristics, core types. Steel ropes - are one of the most widespread kinds of metal products; they are used in transport, mining, engineering and agricultural industries.

Metal or organic cores are used for steel ropes production. Metal core is a strand or construction rope 77  and is made of wire . organic core is made of polypropylene yarns.
Steel rope marking - is the main characteristic which determines the further rope exploitation. Steel ropes marking groups: 1370, 1670, 1770, 1960 N/mm2.

Steel ropes are made with preliminary deformation (non unwiding). This fact provides the following advantages:
ends of dangling wires in the steel rope do not "ringe", there is not steel rope rotating around its axis during pruning and  free ends of steel rope do not untwist.
Steel ropes are made of wire without coating or galvanized.
Zinc coating protects the rope aggressive environment, increases the corrosion resistance of the rope during exploitation. Useful life of galvanized rope is 3 times higher than of the rope without zinc coating.


Slings made of steel ropes - are the handling removable devices, which are used for lifting and transporting cargo by means of hoisting mechanisms (cranes, lift trucks).  Slings suitable  to the mass and character of cargo lifted, depending on the quantity of pathes and angle of their inclination are used for cargo strapping; slings for general purpose are selected in such a way so that the angle between its pathes does not exceed 90C. Slings are manufactured according to GOST 25573-82 in conformity with the rules of hoisting mechanism design and safe exploitation. Rope slings have the greatest strength in comparison with other slings (for example synthetic), moreover they are one of the most reliable. Rope slings defects are easily detected, that is why they are used for lifting of heavy, massive cargo in the places with high concentration of people and equipment. Rope slings are used for lifting and moving of cargo with the weight up to 16 tons. Slings marking: , 1, 2, 3, 4.



Ropes, cables
Description Structure Diameter GOST Usage
Aircraft steel ropes
67+17 1,6-2,5 GOST 2172 For systems of aircraft control
619+119 3,3-9,5
Double-lay ropes LC-R 619(1+6+6/6)+.. 4,1-51,0 GOST 2688 Fot lifting-transport machines
DIN 3059
ISO 2408
EN 12385
Single-lay ropes LC-0 17(1+6) 0,75-11,5 GOST 3062 Seizing braced suspension wire ropes. Cable-ropes
DIN 3052
Single-lay ropes TC 119(1+6+12) 1,0-19,0 GOST 3063 Telpherages, cable-ropes, automobile production, providing lightning protection, braced and suspension wire
DIN 3053
Double-lay ropes LC-0 6x7(l+6)+1x7(1+6) 1,9-28,5 GOST 3066 Cable for automobiles, computer machinery, braced, rigging, for cargo towing, telpherages
DIN 3055
ISO 2408
EN 12385
Steel ropes TC 619+119 3,1-18,5 GOST 3067 Cable for lifting-and-shifting machines, towing, for telpherages
Double-lay ropes LC-0 67(1+6)+.. 2,2-29,0 GOST 3069 Cable for telpherages, rigging cables for cargo towing, lifting-and-shifting machines
DIN 3055
ISO 2408
EN 12385
Ropes TC 619(1+6+12)+.. 3,3-13,0 GOST 3070 Cable for hoisting and transport machinery, sling
Double-lay ropes LC-0 619(1+9+9)+.. 4,6-46,0 GOST 3077 Cable for hoisting and transport machinery, lift, pull ropes for cableway
DIN 3058
ISO 2408
BS 302
Double-lay ropes LC-0 619(1+9+9)+77(1+6) 6,0-45,5 GOST 3081 Cable for hoisting and transport machinery, scrapers, lifts
DIN 3058
ISO 2408
Double-lay multistrand   ropes LC-R 1819(1+6+6/6)+.. 18,5-59,5 GOST 3088 Mine for equipment suspension, balancing
Double-lay ropes LC-3 625(1+6/6+12)+.. 9,7-48,5 GOST 7665 Cable for hoisting and transport machinery, crane, lift cables
DIN 3057
ISO 2408
BS 302
Double-lay ropes LC-3 625(1+6/6+12)+77(1+6) 9,5-47,0 GOST 7667 Cable for road machines, crane ropes
DIN 3057
ISO 2408
BS 302
Double-lay ropes LC-RO 636(1+7+7/7+14)+..; 8,1-65,0 GOST 7668 Ropes for general purposes: for hoisting and transport machinery, mine hoist installation etc.
DIN 3064
ISO 2408
BS 302
Double-lay ropes LC-RO 636 (1+7+7/7+14)+77(1+6) 8,6-64,0 GOST 7669 Earthmoving cables, for bridge bracing, for mine hoist installation
DIN 3064
ISO 2408
Closed lifting steel ropes   20,0-38,0 GOST 10506 Hoisting ropes for coal industry
Double-lay ropes LC-R 619(1+6+6/6)+77 6,7-55,0 GOST 14954 Cable for hoisting machinery and ship lift systems
DIN 3059
Steel ropes for production and deep exploratory drilling 631+.. 25,0-38,0 GOST 16853 Cable for drilling rigs for oil and gas
GOST 16853
Double-lay ropes 127(1+6)+619(1+6+6/6) +.. 20,0-40,0 GOST 16828 Cable for equipment during shaft sinking, lifting cranes
Double-lay steel ropes 619(1+6+12)+.. 3,0-25,0 DIN 3060 Cables for cranes, slings
Double-lay steel multistrand ropes 8x19(1+6+6F+12)+7x7 10,0-32,0 DIN 3061 Cable for lifting machines
Steel ropes 819(1+9+9)+.. 8,0-16,0 DIN 3062 Cable for elevators and handling machines
Steel ropes construction 819(1+6+6/6)+.. 22,0 DIN 3063 Cable for elevators and handling machines
Double-lay steel ropes TLC 635(1+6+6/6+16)+.. 8,0-18,0 DIN 3065 Cable for lifting machines
Double-lay steel ropes TLC 635(1+6+6/6+16)+7x7(1+6) 8,0-18,0 DIN 3065 Cable for lifting machines
Double-lay ropes 637(1+6+12+18)+.. 8,0-50,0 DIN 3066 Cable for lifting cranes, sling, for  installation and cargo moving
Double-lay steel ropes LC-RO 836(1+7+7/7+14)+77 9,0-30,0 DIN 3067 Multistrand, lifting, universal cable
Double-lay steel ropes 6x24(FE+9+15)+7FE 8,0-30,0 DIN 3068 Cable for river and marine industry
Double-lay multistrand steel ropes 187(1+6)+o.. 10,0-28,0 DIN 3069 Cable for cranes, lifting machines
Multistrand non whirling ropes 367(1+6)+o.. 15,0-40,0 DIN 3071 Lifting cables, for port cranes, balanced
Steel ropes 626(1+5+5/5+10)+77(1+6) 8,0-14,0 ISO 2408 Cable for lifting-and-shifting machines for special purpose
Double-lay steel ropes 631+ (1+6+6/6+12)+F 631(1+6+6/+12)+77 8,0-32,0 ISO 2408 Cable for hoisting machines with  special working conditions
Double-lay steel ropes 612(0+12)+7F 6,0-20.0 ISO 2408 Cable for river and marine industry: mooring, towing
Double-lay steel ropes 6x24(0+12+12)+7FC 6,0-34,0 ISO 2408 Cable for river and marine industry : mooring, towing
Galvanized steel ropes TC 624(0+9+15)+7.. 7,4-33,5 14-4-1185-82 Lifting cables  on the sea crafts
Steel ropes type  619(1+6+12)+119(1+6+12) 3,5-4,5 14-4-1266 Aircraft cables, used in the management of aircrafts
High-strength galvanized steel ropes 66(1+7+7/7+14)+.. 30,0-53,5 14-4-1444 Cables for mine multiple-rope hoists
Steel ropes with polymer coating 119(1+6+12)+ 2,6 14-4-1469 Towing cables, used in the  drive unit of the automobile clutch
Multistrand steel ropes TLC Superflex 167(1+6)+67(1+6)64(1+4)+67(1+6)+17(1+6) 16,0 28.7-00191046-013 Cables for heavy-load cranes and lifting machines equipment
Steel ropes LC-3 625(1+6;6+12)+77(1+6) 18,0-42,0 14-4-273 Cables for lifting cranes
Steel ropes 57(1+6)+.. 2,0 14-4-297 Towing cables for window lifter; hand brake control
125(3+9+13) 3,2
612(3+9)+112(3+9) 4,0
Seel ropes LC-RO 636(1+7+7/7+14)+.. 25,5-58,5 28.7-00191046-009 Galvanized high-strength cables for mine winder
Multistrand, non whirling steel ropes 187(1+6)+67(1+6)66(1+5)+67(1+6)+1x19(1+6+66) 38,0-56,0 28.7-00191046-008 Galvanized, non whirling three-layered cables, used as balancing on the vertical hoisting units  
Steel ropes LC-R 6+19(1+6+6/6)+.. 3,3 28.7-00191046-013 Cables  for light industry
Double-lay steel ropes LC-RO 636(1+7+7/7+14)+37+3 14,5-57,0 14-4-532 Earthmoving cables
Steel ropes type TC 125(3+9+13) 125(3+9+13) 3,2 14-4-968 Cable for hand brake control of automobiles and agricultural machinery  


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