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Perforated sheet

Perforated sheet.

Technical Conditions 23.2.2068-94; Technical Conditions 23.2.2068-94. 
We offer gallery of photos for designers and builders.

Maximum possible size of perforated sheet  is 1,5х3m, metal thickness is 0,5 to 6,0mm. There is technological opportunity to make holes with the diameter equal to the sheet thickness, for instance a circular hole with the diameter 5,0 mm in the sheet 5,0 mm. Perforated sheet can be made both of the low carbon steel, galvanized or without coating  and of the stainless steel..

Kinds of holes and molding of the perforated sheet:


Perforated sheet. Round holes located on the hexagon

Perforated sheet. Round holes located on the square

Perforated sheet. Rectangular holes with rounded ends, located in rows

Perforated sheet. Rectangular holes with rounded ends and symmetrical displacement

Perforated sheet. Rectangular holes with symmetric bias

Perforated sheet. Rectangular holes located in rows

Perforated sheet.
Triangular holes

Perforated sheet.
Square holes

Perforated sheet. Round лункообразные holes, located on the hexagon

Perforated sheet.
Scaly canvas

Perforated sheet. Canvas with bilateral rifling

Perforated sheet. Canvas for husking and polishing rice

Indented sheets

Structural metal sheets, round

Structural metal sheets, square

Perforated sheet for design

Perforated sheet for design

Perforated sheet for design

Perforated sheet

- is the material for decorative and tecnical purposes with wide range of usage! Perforated sheet transparency and art molding acquire unique shapes owing to creative imagination of designers, architects and owing to skillful work of builders, furniture producers.

Perforated sheet is used:

In architecture:

  • Facade elements
  • Windproof and soundproof panels
  • Protective window screens
  • Stair and balcony fence

In the interior design:

  • Interior decorative elements
  • Creating lightening effects in the interior
  • Stair fences
  • Wall claddings
  • Column design
  • Office partitions and furniture 
  • Suspended decorative cellings
  • Radiators and batteries screens

Furniture production:

  • Office table panel screens 
  • Bar and administrative racks
  • Exhibition equipment 
  • Shelves
  • Cupboard panels
  • Chairs, benches
  • Trade and storage equipment

In the urban environment:

  • Small architectural forms (children playground, public transport stops, benches, urns, laterns, …)
  • Fencing including soundproof fences
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Decorarive compositions

In the food production and manufacturing:

  • agricultural products recycling, grain cleaning and processing
  • Flour, cereals and feed production
  • Baking and confectionery production
  • Milk separation
  • Brewing technical processes
  • Meat recycling, bones grinding
  • Rubble and ore sieving


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