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woven mesh



Woven mesh made according to GOST 3826-82, TU 14-4-507-99, TU 14-4-1569-89.сетка тканая

The grid can be made a woven:
- Low-carbon wire;
- Galvanized wire;
- Stainless steel wire;
- Nichrome wire;
- Brass wire;
- Copper wire;
- Bronze wire.

Rolls of fabric grids have the following dimensions:
height of 1000-1300 mm
length of 30 meters running

сетка тканая

Rolls of the grid with mesh size ranging 0.4 to 1 mm at the edges and the middle of knitting necessarily tied with wire. Grid cells with 0.4 to 1 mm must be packed in paper and plastic wrap.

Weave wire can be plain or twill. According to GOST 3826-82, woven mesh is plain weave, generating nate interlacing of warp and weft wires.
In light of the cell has a square shape. But there is also a Filter grid, in which adjacent wires adjacent to each other so that the cells do not form in the world.
In weaving there should be no gaps wires, mechanical damage, kinks, breaks or cross-linked sites. Allowed only the beginning of the bend a piece of wire, weaving defects (tick, twist, loop no more than 2 pieces per 1m2)

Tolerances for mesh woven
The mesh size in the world: the arithmetic mean deviation of not more than 9%.
web width: + / -1%.

Here you can buy a woven mesh:
- Low-carbon woven mesh with a mesh, including mesh for filtration of polymers and plastics
- Braided stainless steel mesh conveyor according to TU 14-178-304-96 high-alloy steel 12X18H9T, 12Kh18N10T, 12H18N9, 12H18N10, cell size 7/6..17/15 mm, wire diameter 1.0 ... 1.5 mm
- Woven stainless mesh conveyor (Cable) TU 14-4-406-88 of high-alloy steel 2X18N10T, AISI321, AISI304, cell size 3/1...24/2 mm, wire diameter 0.2 ... 0 3 mm.
- Woven mesh brass (polutompakovaya A-80) in accordance with GOST 6613-86 brass brand L-80, the wire diameter 0,04-0,9 mm mesh size 0.071 ... 2.8 mm.

Woven mesh produced with and without zakraykami zakrayki. On the grid, without zakrayke ends of the wire must duck and trimmed evenly curved to prevent the loss of outer wire frameworks.

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