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Wire grape trellis TM Kazachka

Wire grape trellis is designed to create a trellis for the vines, tying plants in orchards. This wire is also known as a wire for vines. Price Tapestry Wire Price per tonne of wire for vines TM Kazachka is 17,200 USD. 1-meter running wire for hanging grapes weighs approximately 20 grams in a ton of wires it contains 50,023 meters. As a result of calculations, we find that the cost of a meter wire grape trellis is 37 kopecks. For comparison, the wire is OK for hanging grapes of 2.5 mm diameter is 11 229 USD per ton, but due to the diameter of 2.5 mm per tonne contains about 25 950 m Accordingly, the price of 1 m wire OK for grapes - 43 kopecks . That is, buying the wire Shpalernaya TM Kazachka for tying grape you not only save, but also get a more solid wire with a depth of zinc on the surface of 230 g/m2. Next, we write in more detail the advantages of wire for vines TM Kazachka: a wire trellis will last 3 times longer than wire OK for grapes due to the increased depth of zinc on the surface. Specific gravity of zinc on the surface of the wire is equal to 230 g/m2, but OK on the wire for vines - 70 g/m2, that is, a wire grape trellis will resist corrosion to 3 times longer than the low-carbon wire. elongation of the wire trellis is approximately equal to 5%, as compared to low-carbon wire for vineyards - 12%, then there is this wire for grape trellis during heating is less stretched and it does not need so much pull. wire tapestry much stronger wire for tying mild grapes due to the increased carbon content in its composition. In Ukraine, has long sold a wire Shpalernaya. But our wire for vines TM Kazachka essentially compares favorably with it. In a wire trellis, which our competitors are selling, the density of zinc on the surface of approximately 220 g/m2 and Tensile 1400 N/mm2. Compare these values ​​with the characteristics of our wire and see why you should buy the wire Shpalernaya TM Cossack woman. The quality of the wire trellis is constantly monitored, the depth of zinc on the surface immediately checked by a special device. Description of wire grape trellis Wire tapestry - a metal wire is high carbon with a diameter of 1.8 mm. The wire is covered with zinc by hot dip galvanizing. The depth of zinc on its surface is 230 g/m2. This wire tapestry contains high content of carbon. Its tensile strength is equal to 1700 N/mm2. Tolerances on wire Shpalernaya: wire diameter tolerance + / -0.02 mm; tolerance for zinc coating + / -15 g/m2 How to tie grapes? It is best to tie vine trellis wire TM Cossack woman. By comparing the price of wire trellis TM Cossack woman and wire OK for vines You can see how profitable to buy wire for our vineyards. But the benefits of buying Tapestry TM Cossack woman not only economic, but also functional - it will last a much longer wire wire OK and will not sag so much. As a wire trellis for vines have already seen on the farm "Knyazhitsa." Reviews of the trellis wire, they have only positive. Packing wire grape trellis The wire for the coils in the vineyards delivered weighing 100 kg. Coil of wire for the vine has the following dimensions: inner diameter of coil is 550 mm, External - 700 mm. In four places connected with wire hank of knitting galvanized. Coils are packed in plastic and then in the polymer film. This double pack helps protect the coil wire the negative to the vineyards of the environment, as well as maintain a long presentation of wire trellis. to buy wire Shpalernaya with a high content of zinc? Buy a wire for the vine to be PE "Hardware-94" by contacting the contact phone number 061-2120639. Professional managers can arrange delivery of the goods as soon as possible all over Ukraine. Also we are exporting this wire for vines. We are a major importer and work without intermediaries since 1997. Also significant advantage of our company is that the list of our clients are a large number of farms, "Golden Fleece", "Chaika" ("Crimean Rose"), "the Dalma Agro", "Tokarevka," "Stimulus", "Hitch- Agro "," Lavender, "" Shining Path "," Friendship, "" Bakhchisarai Valley, "" Champagne of Ukraine "," Valley Gardens, Alma. " They all got a wire for hanging OK grapes and happy with the result.

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