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Sales departments of private enterprise "Metyzy-94" work on a regional basis. 

      If You are interested in purchasing our products, You can download our price list In order to download our price list You should write information about yourself and fill in the combination of digits (necessary measure for protection against robots). If any problems connected with price list downloading arise, look at the upper part of the monitor screen and you will see the information about pop-ups blocking. Unlock them and You will be able to download the price list.  

 The quality and quantity of our products is constantly supervized by our employees.
  Weight product is subject to неоднократному weighting:
  1 - empty vehicle weighting;
  2 - product weighting;
  3 - loaded vehicle weighting.


The quality of the import products is controlled during discharging operations, immediately after customs clearance. Compliance of the metal mesh parameters is monitored with the help of the scales.  Any attemps to use  wire with the smaller diameter or to increase the cell size lead to the decrease of the roll weight. We do not cooperate with unconscientious chinese suppliers. We work only with those enterprises that produce products of high quality and appreciate the cooperation with our company (the volumes we order allow to consider our enterprise as one of the largest importers of metal mesh and razor wire in Ukraine. 


All the questions in the process of a deal are solved by the person who is responsible  for export. This employee is vested with trust by director and has all necessary authority to realize the transaction. Director of the enterprise  performs only control functions. Employees of the private enterprise "Metizy-94" are always polite and civil in the conversation with our clients. If You do not think so, You can immediately inform our director by e-mail.

   If You call to our company:

   1. Inform: products, quantity, terms in which You want to purchase; 
   2. Contract signing; 
   3. Billing;
   4. You make money transfer according to the details indicated in the contract;
   5. For self-delivery Your representative should have the passport and warranty Your enterprise. If our company delivers the goods, then before shipment You should send us the warranty. The signature on the warranty and consignation note should be identical.
   6. Product shipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
   7. If our company delivers the products, we make full control on the route of the goods to Your warehouse.                                                                                                                                                  


System of price stability guarantee

There is a golden rule on our enterprise: if the Buyer pays for the goods and the company accepts the money frоm him, then the сhanges in prices frоm our suppliers will not influence the price paid by the Buyer.  If the Buyer makes partial payment, and our suppliers  increase the prices, the price for the paid part of the products will not сhange but  the price for the unpaid part of the product can be сhanged.

Terms of payment

   Our enterprise works on terms of prepayment  especially if You order non-saleable, exclusive products. We may start production of saleable products without prepayment. You will pay before shippment but if You order large quantity of saleable products we may ask to make partial prepayment.


 If You need company details, location map, certificate of incorporation, VAT registration certificate, You may find this information in the section  Contacts.


     All the products have necessary certificates of quality. Some goods are not subject to compulsory certification. In such a case we will provide You with the certificate of quality on raw material which these products are produced.

If some claims concerning quantity and quality arise, then it is necessary to inform us about breach according to  instructions P.6 and P.7 and make the act of nonconformity in the process of googs receiving. If You find out deficiencies in quality by sight, then it is preferably to take the photograph of the goods and send us this photo by e-mail.


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