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Screw nails

Technical Conditions 14-4-1161-2003, DIN 68163
Screw nails is a kind of special nails. In the prosses of nailing screw nails are screwed into an array. These nails provide rigid connection.
Screw nais are used in those places it is necessary to obtain high rigid connection, for example connection of pallets and containers wooden parts, connection of floorboards and other wooden constructions. End surface of screw nails head can be plain or fluted.
There ares crew nails of cicular section with flat or steep head
Screw nails are made of of low carbon wire (GOST 3282-74, rarely of galvanized.
Screw nails diameter is 2,6 - 4,2 mm
Screw nails length is  25 -100 mm
Screw nails packaging is corrugated carton boxes of 25 kg and wooden cases of 50 kg. 



Nails for construction

GOST 4028-63
The main function of nails for construction - is bracing of wooden products and constructions made of wood. Nails for construction can be produced with circular section with flat or steep head. End surface of  nail flat head is plain, end surface of  steep head is fluted. Wedge angle on edges - not more than 40°. Material for construction nails production is low-carbon wire (without coating and galvanized). Nails for constructions can be deburred and not deburred. Construction nail diameter is 1,0 mm to 6,0 mm. Construction nail length is 15mm to 200 mm. Construction nails are packed in corrugated carton boxes of 25 and 40 kg and wooden cses of 50 and 60 kg. 



Ring nails

Technical conditions Ukraine 28.7-21336490-001-2002, DIN 18 182, DIN 68 163 , Technical conditions Ukraine 28.7-32049534-001, Ring nails enter into the wood easier. Ring shape enables to avoid rives of nail part and prevents disassembly. Ring nails retain parts in 4-4,5 times stronger than smooth nails. These properties of ring nails are important in the work with timber floor, pallets, wooden packaging, roofing and other wooden constructions that bear a load in the form of vibration.
Ring nails are made of wire for general purpose, without coating.
Ring nail diameter is 2,3 - 4,6 mm
Ring nail length is 30 -100 mm          
Ring nail packaging  is corrugated carton box of 25 kg.



Roofing nails

 DIN 1160, GOST 4030-63, Roofing nails are used in roofing with soft cover and tin for bracing of galvanized sheets to the wooden constructions.
Roofing nails are made of galvanized wire or wire without coating according to GOST 3282-74. Head diameter of roofing nails is biger than head diameter of construction nail, roofing nails are a little thicker and shorter. End surface of roofing nail head is fluted.
Roofing nail diameter is 2,0-3,5 mm
Roofing nail length is 20 - 60 mm
Roofing nails are packed in corrugated carton boxes of 25-40 kg and in wooden cases of 50-60 kg.



Carpentry nails (finishing)

DIN 1152
Carpentry nail is used for finishing work - for work with lining, thin lath, parquet flooring etc. Carpentry (finishing) nail has small head, with the help of which the finishing nail retains parts, but the nail and its head is almost invisible.
Carpentry nails are made of round wire (GOST 3282-74) without covering, galvanized; copperplated.
Carpentry (finishing) nail diameter is 0,9 -7,0 mm
Carpentry (finishing) nail length is 5 - 210 mm
Carpentry (finishing) nails are packed in the corrugated carton boxes of 25 kg; packing of 1 kg for retail trade is possible.



Casting nail

GOST 4034-63
Casting nails are used for wooden packaging production (cases, containers) with the help of nail-driving machines or manually.
Casting nails are made of wire (GOST 3282-74). Head shape is steep. Casting nails have increased head diameter; this fact gives an advantage when working with carton in packing and furniture production.
Casting nail diameter is 1,6 -3,0 mm
Casting nail length is 25 - 80 mm
Casting nails are packed in the corrugated carton boxes of 25-40 kg and in wooden cases of 50-60 kg.



Felt nails

GOST 4029-63
Felt nails are used for bracing of soft sheet material to the frame.
Felt nails are made of wire of circular section (GOST 3282-74) without covering. Felt nail has flat head. End surface of felt nail head is plain.
Felt nail diameter is 2,0-3,0 mm
Felt nail length is 20 - 40 mm
Felt nails are packed in the corrugated carton boxes of 25-40 kg and in wooden cases of 50-60 kg.



Molding nails

GOST 4035-63
Molding nails are used for bracing molding materials when producing molds for metal casting. Molding nails are delivered in polypropylene bags of 800 kg or, under special request, in the corrugated carton boxes of 30 kg.
Molding nails are made of circular section wire according to GOST 3282-74 without covering.
Nail diameter is 1,6 - 2,5 mm
Nail length is 80 -120 mm



Slate nails with galvanized head

Technical Conditions 208-81, РСТ 1822-83
Slate nails are used for the installation of roofing materials (slate, decking etc.).
Slate nails size depends on the wave height of slate or decking. Slate nail length is 1 cm larger than the amount of the wave height of slate and thickness of board construction. It is necesary to have the possibility to bend 1 cm of nail, in such a way strong wind will not disrupt the sheet roof together with the nail. The most common size of slate nails is the following: diameter - 5 cm, length - 12 cm.
Slate nails are packed in the corrugated carton boxes with the net weight 15 kg and in wooden cases with the net weight 30kg.



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