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— a case or a frame made of  stranded wire mesh or link chain galvanized or coated with PVC that is filled with crushed rock (stones). The rock should meet the requirements of the project  in respect of strength and frost resistance.These requirements depend on the functional purposes of the object. Gabions are used in building of  waterworks, piers, as  bank consolidation structures for bank erosion protection , for strengthening slopes in the natural landscapes, stabilisation and conservation of soil layers movement, lining of canals and dams.

Укрепление берега в Тернопольской области с помощью габионов

Gabions are widely used as decorative elements - small architecture forms - for instance when forming the terraces in the relief areas.
native products for soil reinforcement:
Gabions are made according to GOST Р 52132-2003 and ASTM A 975-97, of metal double srtanded wire mesh with hexagonal cells (8х10cm). Inside the gabions are divided into sections with the help of diaphragms, installed in each meter along the case length. Wire mesh double torsion guarantees integrity, strength, prevents untwisting in case of partial tearing of the mesh. Diaphragms provide even weight sharing on the box walls. Diaphragms for buildings that are designed to withstand further action of waves and high-speed streams of water provide special effect.  In order to strengthen construction, wire of panel edges(3,4; 3,9mm) has larger diameter than the main wire of mesh canvas (2,7; 3,0mm).
For gabion production wire mesh made of steel thick galvanized wire or of wire with coating GALMAC or GALFAN (zinc-aluminum coating) according to GOST R 51285-99 and, if it is necessary coated with PVC are used. This technic of coating allows the gabion to keep its integrity in the hostile environment (for instance in the sea water)for a long time. Gabion constructions are filled with stones directly on the building site that enables to create flexible structure in the form of retaining walls.




Gaboin. Sizes.


 Gabion standart sizes
Ø wire 2,7/3,4


 Width, m







 0,5; 1



 0,5; 1



 0,5; 1

Gabions has the following standart sizez (Length х Width х Height): 1.5х1х0.5; 2х1х0.5; 3х1х0.5; 4х1х0.5; 1.5х1х1; 2х1х1;
3х1х1; 4х1х1,
3х2х0.23; 4х2х0.23; 5х2х0.23; 6х2х0.23; 3х2х0.3; 4х2х0.3; 5х2х0.3; 6х2х0.3; 3х2х0.5; 4х2х0.5; 5х2х0.5; 6х2х0.5.
Made of galvanized wire 2,7/3,4mm and 3,0/3,9mm and Wire with PVC coating 3,7/4,4mm 

раскладка габиона без диафрагмРаскладка габиона с диафрагмами

 Gabion. Properties

Gabion construction are the natural building blocks; soil particles precipitate inside the gabions, that contribute the vegetation growth and  eventually gabions become the part of natural landscape. Gabion constructions are flexible and withstand possible ground motion, reacting by slight deflection. Moreover the gabion not only keeps its properties and continues to perform  its protective function of fortification but  its effectiveness over the years only grows. Double stranded wire mesh is the main element of resistance to physical strain on the gabion construction; it assumes the main burden. Gabion porous structure provides excellent drainage properties. High permeability of gabion constructions excludes the possibility of hydrostatic pressure. Gabion usage is one of the most efficient and universal ways not only of slope protection but strengthening, stabilisation an protection of roads, bridge bearings, dams, coastal and other buildings.

Gabion constructions have the favourable effect on the natural ecological balance in the area of installation. In the area of gabion installation  the number of fish increases, because the gabions are favourable for flora which is necessary for fish life.  Gabions represent a unique building material for reconstruction and reabilitation  of natural landscapes.



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