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Razor barbed wire, barbed wire

Плоская Егоза на заборной панели ограждения Егоза- объемное колючее спиральное заграждение

Мобильное заграждение из Егозы Razor wire

Razor wire. Flat spiral

Prickly-tape barrier Razor wire. Three-dimensional spiral


Brackets for Razor wire 


Mobile security barrier

Barbed wire

What is "the Razor wire"?

Razor wire - is the spiral three-dimensional and flat barriers made of the reinforced (reinforced barbed tape) or  reinforced twisted (reinforced twisted barbed tape) barbed tape. There are a lot of synonyms of this product name: spiral security barrier, barbed security barrier, barbed-tape barrier,  spiral barbed fence, concertina. But anyway these terms - are the names of the same products.

Similar spiral product, made of the barbed wire, is called "Bruno’s spiral".

Raw materials for razor wire production

Razor wire is made of the galvanized barbed-cutting tape, which is reinforced by the high carbon galvanized wire (GOST 7372-79, GOST 9850-72).
Колюче-режущая лента для изготовления Егозы
 there are two types of reinforced barbed tape:  reinforced twisted barbed tape (RTBT)

Армированная скрученная колючая лента

 and rolled reinforced barbed tape (RRBT or RBT). Rolled reinforced barbed tape Razor wire is patented in Ukraine under number 33526.  Our enterprise is selling Razor wire made of rolled reinforced barbed tape accoding to the right первопользования obtained in a way stipulated by the law. 
Rolled reinforced barbed tape is the best and the most modern material for Razor wire production for the present time. In Ukraine there are three main types of rolled reinforced barbed type which Razor wire is produced:

ЗАКЛ для Егозы

Rolled reinforced barbed tape for production of Razor wire according to the ukrainian patent № 19851

ЗАКЛ для Егозы-Модернизированной

Rolled reinforced barbed tape for production of Razor wire-modernized

ЗАКЛ для Егоза Аллигатор, Кайман и большинства других украинских видов Егозы

Rolled reinforced barbed tape for production of Razor wire "Alligator",  Cayman and other types of ukrainian Razor wire

All kinds of reinforced barbed tape indicated on the photos are also patented in Ukraine as production prototype  №16955  "Rolled reinforced barbed tape". Private enterprise "Metizy-94" delivers products that correspond with this patent on the basis of the right  первопользования, provided for by law.

Reinforced barbed tape (RBT) is used for different spiral barbed fences:
Егоза из устаревшей АСКЛ установлена на заборе одного из заводов Запорожья
Razor wire made of reinforced twisted barbed tape (RTBT)
Егоза из современной ЗАКЛ надежно защищает территорию запорожского предприятия
Razor wire -600 made of reinforced barbed tape (RBT) with 3 brackets

razor wire

Razor wire  made of reinforced barbed tape (RBT)"

Razor wire "Cossack" indicated on the photo,  has the patent of Ukraine for the production prototype  № 19851 "Spiral security barrier made of reinforced barbed tape". Our enterprise has purchased lisence agreement for the sale of this type of Razor wire.

Such a spiral can be obtained in the result of connection of the nearest turns of the spiral  with the help of brackets made of tape or wire in 3-11 places.  The higher the diameter of the Razor wire spiral is, the larger quantity of brackets is required in order to provide rigidity for the spiral security barrier. This way of Razor wire production is patented in Ukraine on патентом на полезную модель № 43037 "Security Barier". Private Enterprise "Metizy-94" sells Razor wire that corresponds with this patent according to the license agreement. Some producers of low-quality Razor wire made of reinforced twisted barbed tape join spiral turns with the help of the metal tape, twisted around the joint for several times.

Такой скобой соединены витки спиралей ЕгозыКруглая скоба на Егозе укранского производстваПлоская скоба для Егозы-Модернизированной

Brackets may have even edges as Razor wire-Modernized (right photo) or  have the form of "dovetail" on the one side and  bulge on the other side (as, for instance Razor wire according to ukrainian patent № 19851  ) (You can see this on the left photo). When mounting the bulge enters into the "dovetail" hampering the possibility of brackets unclasping.

Razor wire producers:

We deliver razor wire of Ukrainian manufacturers (Technical conditions Ukraine 28.7-32864945-001:2005; Technical conditions Ukraine 28.7-30662067-001:2005, razor wire without Technical conditions), as well as of the best foreign producers.
Ukrainian enterprises produce mainly razor wire made of reinforced twisted barbed tape. Foreign producers and a number of Ukrainian producers have developed the manufacture of razor wire made of more reliable reinforced barbed tape.
Razor wire is sold under the names: Cossack, Unforgive, Alligator, Cayman, Razor wire-M, Concertina,  Bruno’s spiral and without brand names.



Razor wire  keeps its form and protective qualities even after cutting in several places.
Razor wire cannot prevent penetration on the guarded object. Razor wire task is to block malefactors before the arrival of security personnel and prevent the penetration of the people that are not equipped with special tools. That is why besides razor wire it is necessary to equip the protected object with video surveillance and alarm system.
If somebody tries to overcome razor wire with the help of deck, razor wire of diameter 900 and more closes down the malefactor and causes deep cutting and stabbing wounds. It entangles in the folds of clothing and sticks into the body in such a way, that the malefactor is not able to get out without outside help.
Razor wire has deterrent psychological impact on the malefactors. There are almost no attempts to penetrate the guarded object if it is equipped with razor wire.



When buying razor wire the buyer pays first of all for the length of the territory, which he is going to fence. Many producers abuse buyers informing them the price for the running meter of barrier. In fact the buyer requires 5-6 turns of razor wire for one running meter. That is why it is necessary to ask the price for the coil and the number of turns in the coil. Razor wire with similar characteristics is to be compared by division of the coil cost by the number of turns in the coil.





The higher the protective properties of the razor wire are, the higher the price is. There is no sence to spend money on the expensive Razor wire for fencing the farm courtyard or garage cooperative, but it is necessary to use the most expensive and effective razor wire on the territory of the guarded object containing considerable tangible property or materials and equipment that threaten the life and health of other people. We have interviewed our buyers and we have been informed that for 3-4 years practically nobody tried to penetrate on the fenced area despite the fact that for that period we sold not only Razor wire with sheet staples, but with wire staples, not only with high-carbon core, but with low-carbon core as well. If the attractiveness of the object for malefactors is determined correctly, than the Razor wire of any quality will be reliable obstacle for penetration, as the Razor wire even visually  impacts the malefactors’ consciousness as something that can cause serious injuries.
Private enterprise Metizy-94 is the only enterprise in Ukraine that offers the Buyers the razor wire of almost all the ukrainian razor wire producers as well as import razor wire producers on one trading platform. The Buyer has the opportunity to make the optimal output.
Taking into consideration the fact that our enterprise is the largest supplier of the import razor wire, we have discounts  manufacturers and can supply razor wire on producers prices.


Material properties for razor wire production

Usage of galvanized materials guarantees razor wire and fencing lifetime up to 25 yearsRazor wire is easily installed and dismantled, that gives an opportunity to use razor wire several times on different temporary objects. The thickness of the galvanized tape is to be not less than  0,5 mm. The tape is to compress reinforcing wire tightly.  Tape surface after compression should not have defects on the zinc coating. Staples that connect razor wire spirals are sublect to separate review. Razor wire may contain 3 to 11 staples made of wire or sheet staples. Razor wire 400-450 is connected in 3 places, razor wire 600 is connected in 3-5 places.  Fitting length of the Razor wire coil depends directly on the quantity of staples: the  more staples are, the less fitting length of the coil is, but such Razor wire is more effective. Staples made of the low-carbon wire according to GOST 3282-74 can be easily bitten with the help of wire-cutters - this is the weak point of the Razor wire. It is more difficult to bite the staple made of  the galvanized sheet with the thickness 1,5 mm. Despite the low cost production of the rivet made of the low-carbon wire, nowadays the best razor wire producers start to use staples. Our enterprise is a trading company, that is why we can offer our customers Razor wire with wire rivet and staples. The staples on the Chinese reinforced  Razor wire have the following form.



Kinds of Razor wire package


Razor wire is delivered in coils. There are different quantity of turns in the Razor wire coils of different producers. Each producer recommends fitting length of its product. In order to increase profits unfair sellers may deceive trusting buyers, that is why it is very important for the buyer to know how many turns he needs for the supposed length of the fencing. Most ukrainian producers deliver Razor wire without packaging. It is not very convenient both for the reasons of personnel security and for the reasons of Razor wire barbs safety. EMPLOYERS ATTENTION: it is necessary to carry out safety norms instructions for the employees that make loading-unloading and storage works in order to prevent injuries as well as to provide personnel with overalls that prevent cuts.


In the warehouses of PE Metizy-94 there is Razor wire, packed in dense material, that prevents cuts during loading, unloading operations and storage.

Егоза, упакованная в плотный материал  на складе ЧП Метизы-94 Егоза украинского производства на складе ЧП Метизы-94

 It is necessary to remember that package of our barbed-tape barrier is not the reason for violation of safety rules, it is only the additional partial protection of your employees health. Our package makes Razor wire safer only to the place of installation.






Usage of Razor wire


Razor wire 1200 mm is used for fencing objects with enhanced protection (prisons, military objects etc). It is effective even without additional means of protection.
Razor wire 900 mm possesses maximal protective properties, is effective  for fencing of large territoties and "dead zones" of perimeter.
Razor wire 900-1200 is also used for manufacturing of mobile security barriers. Such security barriers are used for traffic blocking in certain directions.

Мобильній барьер безопасности в растянутом виде.

Razor wire 600 mm is effective when fencing small territories under supervision.
Razor wire 400-450 mm means of parking, filling station, private territoties protection; as the rule Razor wire is installed on fences and barriers. 
Razor wire in flat spiral is an ideal addition on the gates, fences and barriers of civilian objects in the localities. 
Razor wire is the most effective when it is used together with other means of security such as alarms and video cameras,



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